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Don’t Forget Your Coach…


The Coaches of Cecil County’s High School Athletics Programs are amazing. Each one is different and has their own style. Every one of them is special, and to your Athlete they are often considered like family.

When the season ends, and you prepare to move on to the next sport getting ready to start… don’t forget your Coach.

Coaches do not make alot of money for signing up to coach a sport…. but they are there everyday when it’s time to practice. They are there for 5PM games and 7PM games… Weekend Tournaments and Playoffs. They are there when your Senior commits to a college and has a signing ceremony. They call newspapers to get your athlete in the paper. They write scholarship recommendation letters. They wait with your Athlete when you’re running late to pick them up.

Many are fortunate and don’t have this experience, but the Coach is there when an Athlete has a problem at home they don’t know how to deal with… so they call their Coach.

I hear stories of Coaches who help with studies when a student is having trouble in a class. Sadly, some Coaches have attended funerals this year to support their Athletes.

A Coach is Family.

So as this season comes to an end… remember your Athletes Coach. You’re moving on the next sport. Their “kids” just went away for the rest of the year.

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